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How To Be Added To A Waitlist

1. Fill out the Waitlist Pre-Application completely.  Submit the Pre-Application to each property you are interested in SEPERATELY.  Addresses, E-mail addresses and Fax Numbers can be found near the bottom of each property’s web page here on this site.  The application can be downloaded here or picked up at the property’s office. Any missing information will be considered “incomplete,” and the application will be returned for correction.

Waitlist Pre-Application

2. The Waitlist Pre-application can be mailed, emailed, or delivered in person directly to the property manager. You will be contacted when an apartment becomes available. NOTE: the prospective resident must contact the property office every 3 months to express the desire to remain on the waitlist. Make sure to update your Waitlist information as needed.

3. Though you only have to complete the Waitlist Pre-application once, it must be delivered to each property you are interested in separately via email, mail or in person.