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What can I do if…

If the water won’t flush down your toilet, the toilet needs to be plunged in most instances. We recommend purchasing a plunger to have on hand. When you plunge, make sure the hole at the bottom of the toilet is completely covered in order to make a vacuum-like seal. In some cases, you must attempt the plunge more than once. If your attempts at plunging have not resolved the issue, please call the management office to submit a request for a work order.
The first thing to try is pressing the red reset switch/button on the side or bottom of the garbage disposal (located under the sink). If that doesn’t work, please check your GFI outlets by pressing the test button, then the reset button on all GFI outlets in your kitchen or bathroom (sometimes the GFI outlet in the bathroom is connected to the kitchen). Finally, look under the sink to see if you find a tool with a hexagonal-shaped head, also known as an Allen wrench. This can be inserted in the bottom of the garbage disposal, and you can loosen up the debris in the disposal by turning it back and forth. Press the red reset button again. If the disposal is still not working, please call the manager’s office to submit a work order request.
Please check your GFI outlets (electrical outlets with the red button on them). Press the test button, then the reset button. Double-check to make sure the appliance is plugged in. If it is still not working, please call the manager’s office to submit a work order request.

If it is a bulb that you control with a switch, we ask that you replace the light bulb. The management office will furnish unique bulb replacements, though fees may apply. If it is in a hard-to-reach location, please buy a new bulb and contact us for installation. We are happy to replace any bulbs that you cannot easily reach. The office does carry extra bulbs, but fees do apply.

Make sure your home is clean (trash, food, and spills attract ants and pests). If cleaning does not resolve the issue, please contact the manager’s office for further advice or to submit a work order.
This means your smoke detector’s battery is about to expire. You may either replace the nine-volt battery in the unit yourself or contact the office and submit a work order request. A fee for the new battery may apply.
If you have a significant water leak from your toilet, kitchen sink, or bathroom sink, please attempt to turn off the water shut-off valve to the leaking appliance until the water stops. The shut-off valve for your toilet is near the floor and wall, and the sink valves are under your sink cabinets near the back of the cabinet wall. If you have a leak, please contact the manager’s office immediately.